Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Construction Continues: Organizing Internal Components

Here is a closeup of the motor mount (aircraft plywood) which I cut out to support my brushless motor. The original plans called for a brushed Speed 400 motor which was to be glued into the aircraft. Since my brushless motor is an 'Outrunner' (outer part of motor actually turns), I had to mound it to something immobile inside the motor fairing. Luckily, nothing was rubbing when I glued it all together.

One more motor mount closeup

Two halves of the the aircraft just before I glued them together

Here you can see some of the internal components (from front to back):

  • The 6-Channel JR Receiver

  • 500mW Video Transmitter

  • Camera Voltage Regulator

The following items round out the rest of the components:

  • Camera Battery

  • Flight and Video Transmitter Battery

  • Brushless Electronic Speed Controller

  • AXI 2212/20 Brushless Motor

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